Part II: Educated, Inspired, and Energized: Our National Resource Guide

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This is part two in our ongoing series highlighting our Team’s favorite  go-to resources for continued learning , networking, and industry news.

In addition to staying current with our real estate licensing requirements, there's an abundance of national resources available to keep us savvy, present, and innovative in our professional and personal pursuits. 

This blog is chocked-full of go-to favorites that continue to educate, inspire, and energize us:

Dig Into the Data: Our clients and colleagues love stats. In robust times and in low times, everyone wants to know how the markets are “behaving and reacting” and for good reason. Whether one is on the buyer side or seller side, the state of the market guides transaction decisions and we always need to be positioned to lead those conversations.

“I leverage the data on MLS to better inform what I see happening in the market every day. Their data combined with my observations of the market are so helpful when advising clients on the best approaches to buying and selling real estate. I am very glad for that statistics class I took in college.. Thank you to my college advisor who promised it would be useful!”

-Nova Towers, Associate Broker, Vitalius Real Estate Group

Tune In, Read On, and Get Immersed: There are numerous online podcasts and webinars available. Have you listened to the Bigger Pockets podcast? If you like to nerd out on real estate investment and hearing from other real estate professionals from all over the country talking about their successes, failures, and creative ideas in real estate, this is a good listen. It's sometimes inspiring, sometimes educational, sometimes just entertaining. Here are some others:

Keep Difficult Conversations Active:  To support the values that guide us, and to demonstrate our commitment to support the #BlackLivesMatter movement, we have pledged to continue our conversations around racism against Black people and all people of color. 

  • Small Business Reimagined Town Hall: This dynamic 2-hour Small Business Town Hall, hosted by Hello Seven, is about coming together in solidarity to publicly commit to using our power and influence as small business owners to actively make progress in the fight for racial justice and equity. During this program, expert guests present plans for small business owners that are committed to building anti-racist organizations that might be applicable to a range of organizations.

“I found the content interesting and thought-provoking. The action/pledge items are food for thought and provide small businesses with ideas for guiding staff and creating relevant online content.  Hearing from people of color in the small business community is important. I learned about some of their specific challenges but also discovered how much we, as small business owners, have in common.”

We hope this piece has motivated you to seek out fresh ways to expand your experiences and to reach out to people you admire, respect, and value. Be authentic,  share resources, support your favorite businesses ...because every interaction leads to something delightfully unexpected.

Be well.